Maver International Forwarding Agent s.r.l. is ranked in the market as one of the fastest growing new companies in the forwarding, shipping and logistic branch. Established in 1996, it quickly became well known for its high professionalism in the handling of shipments by sea and air, thanks to the highly motivated, reliable and experienced staff engaged in the company. From the very beginning of its operations, all activities had been fully computerized, enabling Maver to expand its activities overseas, thus enlarging its customer circles and established a broadnet of foreign corresponding agents.

A mere six years after its establishments, maver has consolidated its position among the most qualified forwarding agents, promising its customers accurate technical and informative service for all the shipments, ( land, sea, air ) supported by an efficent import and export department, enabling, smooth custom clearance operations. Furthermore, Maver is specialized in the so-called “exceptional shipment”, in nature or size.

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Maver International Forwarding Agent s.r.l.

Maver International Forwarding Agent offers:

dynamic, efficent, motivated, reliable, and experience staff

Smooth and efficent computerized traffic operations

Great customer service

Competitive tariffs and costs

smooth and efficent computerized traffic operations

Well established connections in the international shipping business